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Welcome to virginamerica.com

We revamped our storefront to make for a faster, smoother and more intuitive booking experience – whether guests are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How it works

Full screen booking makes it easier

Filling your entire screen lets you see it all in one shot. And single scroll booking makes life simple. Change your mind about something? No problem, just scroll back up.

One decision at a time makes it faster

Multi-tasking is great. But when you’re booking a last minute business trip or planning your next epic vacation, details are key. So, our new simple design lets you focus on one step of the booking per page.

Booking that books

Booking flights just got simpler and a cagillion times faster.

Built for wherever you are

Are you a laptop surfer? Mobile maven? Tableteer? No matter how you’re connected our site is responsive, which means it’ll fit any and every screen you use.

Every task made fun-erer

We make getting there fun. Why shouldn’t booking be fun too? With playful avatars, a sleek simple design, mood-lit inspired colors and a cheeky sense of humor, we’re the life of the airline industry website party.

No-nonsense check in

When you’re on the go, you need a check-in system that’s at the ready. We’ve got you covered. Sign in, wherever you are, and check in. Fresh new colors guide you to one-click and done.

A back-pocket-inspired boarding pass

We know you fold up your boarding pass. We do it too. So we designed one that has all your info right where you need it.

A rewards program that keeps getting sweeter

Take control of tracking all of your Elevate points. From booking flights to deals with our partners, you can see it all.

Elevate Red

Elevate Silver

Elevate Gold

All presented with a new look and feel

We’ve turned in our entire wardrobe for something new and fresh. With new sleek icons, modern imagery, and playful avatars you’ll hardly recognize us.

Booking is believing.

Take it for a test flight and see for yourself.

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